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Real Life: A New Hope for Sabah’s Rural Youths

Imagine being born in a place where children have to cross the river in small, fragile boats to get to school or where university students have to climb trees to get internet signals to attend classes. Where young graduates have to compete fiercely to get jobs with salaries that are insufficient to make ends meet. This is the reality faced by our fellow brothers and sisters in rural Sabah.

In this next sermon video series, travel into one of the poorest districts in Malaysia to hear firsthand the struggles, and dreams of youths from our Flourishing Journey program. Dive into the devotional and notice how God sees the potential of young people and uses them mightily despite their young age.


Real Life: Can People with Disabilities Work? 

People with Disabilities want to work, they want to contribute meaningfully and be involved in the development of society. But, they face a multitude of challenges. In this next sermon video series, find out how a church began their journey to not only equip but employ People with Disabilities and hear firsthand what people with disabilities feel about working! We also gain insights from the corporate sector, discover what makes them heartwarming colleagues and how a job coach overcame her fears through God’s help.


Real Life: The Predicament - Orang Asli Children Education

In the midst of a developing nation, there are still many who do not have access to basic opportunities and are pushed to the sidelines. Orang Asli children, people with disabilities and youths in rural parts of Malaysia are hindered in their pursuit for education, jobs and a brighter future. In the next part of our sermon video series, we shed light on these complex issues and gain insights into how churches and individuals have been part of the solution.


Real Life: Addiction & Spiritual Transformation

Who would have thought that a quiet and unassuming young man in church was taking drugs to the point of suicide? But Sam had no problems in life, he was just like any other young person. In the next part of our sermon video series we learn what happened, why the biblical story of the Good Samaritan is a game changer and how we could all be involved in our different ways.

Malaysian CARE is proud to release our Real Life series on Youtube. A true story of one’s journey with Addiction and Spiritual Transformation, be sure to catch all 3 episodes!


"See, I Am Doing a New Thing"

Acting Executive Director Alvin Lim reminds us through the prophet Isaiah that God’s promises stand even during times of great suffering and uncertainty. “See, I am doing a new thing!” in Isaiah 43:19 is Malaysian CARE’s theme verse for 2022 and it challenges us to seek new ways of engaging with our communities. Hear what CARE and Christians around our nation have been doing in light of the “new norm” and find out ways that you can make a difference.



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