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Real Life: Addiction & Spiritual Transformation

Who would have thought that a quiet and unassuming young man in church was taking drugs to the point of suicide? But Sam had no problems in life, he was just like any other young person. In the next part of our sermon video series we learn what happened, why the biblical story of the Good Samaritan is a game changer and how we could all be involved in our different ways.

Malaysian CARE is proud to release our Real Life series on Youtube. A true story of one’s journey with Addiction and Spiritual Transformation, be sure to catch all 3 episodes!


"See, I Am Doing a New Thing"

Acting Executive Director Alvin Lim reminds us through the prophet Isaiah that God’s promises stand even during times of great suffering and uncertainty. “See, I am doing a new thing!” in Isaiah 43:19 is Malaysian CARE’s theme verse for 2022 and it challenges us to seek new ways of engaging with our communities. Hear what CARE and Christians around our nation have been doing in light of the “new norm” and find out ways that you can make a difference.

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