Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

One Life at A Time!

I got to know Desmond (pseudonym) through Kelas CARE (Malaysian CARE’s in-prison program) at Penjara Kajang. Upon his release from prison, he came to Rumah Petros (RP), Malaysian CARE’s halfway home for ex-prisoners. During his time in RP, he went through various experiences and trainings, needless to say there were ups and downs. He progressed from being a quiet and seemingly timid person to one who eventually rose to a position of leadership amongst his peers. I witnessed him transform from a beneficiary of the home to a benefactor.


Today, he is officially discharged from RP and has been positively reintegrated back into society. Most importantly, what I treasure the most was the opportunity to watch him reconcile with his family.


He is now living a life he believes God has called him to. As I reflect, I am grateful to God for these small wins and the privilege to see transformation in our clients’ life.  

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Slowly But Surely

"I have been journeying with this 5-year-old child since September 2020 through CARE's Home-bsed Learning Support model. Back then when I first introduced the ABC's to him, he was on the verge of crying because he could not remember what was being taught. to make matters worst, the covid-19 pandemic had also shut down schools and tadika's in Miri.

By enabling the child's grandmother and mother to empower their own child, we began to see improvements in his education. I had also encouraged the child's mother to spend time teaching him whenever she was available at home.

The child had started tadika recently. Teachers have been giving him homework and his parents have been taking turns to teach him. I am truly encouraged that his parents and grandmother spent the needed time with him.


Praise God for the changes!"