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Picture above represents the sentiment of Family Reconciliation. Prawns crafted by Joe* when he was in prison with the intention to give it to his family upon release from prison.

The Path of a Transformed Life

The following testimony was written by Sam Lim, our staff who journeyed with Joe* (pseudonym) upon his release from prison in August 2021. Joe was admitted to Rumah Petros**.

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Joe did not want to continue living the life of “going in and out of prison”. This was the sixth time he had been in incarceration and he intends to never return again.  After joining Kelas CARE in prison several times before the pandemic, he remembers vividly a piece of advice given by the teacher—to ask for assistance from Malaysian CARE upon his release.

Closer to his release date and whilst still being in prison, Joe took the time and effort to reach out to Malaysian CARE and requested for post release support to which we did.

Left: Joe on the day of release and entering  Rumah Petros.

After undergoing our programs in Rumah Petros for 2 months, Joe developed self-confidence and was empowered to find a job that would help him towards self-sustenance. Joe had skills, he is an excellent cook and was actually a chef prior to his conviction and sentencing. After a few interviews, he received not one, but two job offers and finally chose to work in a Brazilian restaurant.

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Joe undergoing job briefing by the owner.

Shortly after a month in the new job, Joe was quickly promoted to Demi Chef. The restaurant owner praised him for being a responsible employee with a good work attitude. Joe has now bought himself a mobile phone as well as a motorcycle to accommodate his daily routine. 

He has taken the right step to seek help by remembering a piece of advice and Joe is now on the path of a transformed life.

*Name altered to protect identity.

**Rumah Petros is a halfway home established in 1991 and has been a place of refuge for more than 2,000 clients.