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1. March 2019 | Care Contact 15 Jack is the Donor Relations Leader in Malaysian CARE and sees the purpose of God’s blessings upon an individual. Loh Ngit Sang (middle) with Malaysian CARE staff, Pauline Wong (left) and Ong Wai Ling (standing) (Photo credit: Jack Chan) by Jack Chan TRANSFORMATION STORIES LOH Ngit Sang and Malaysian CARE have had a relationship for almost eight years. Ngit Sang has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which affects children and teens and can continue into adulthood. In January 2010 at the age of 21, Ngit Sang came to Malaysian CARE to be trained on Independent Living Skills under the Work Based Programme. After almost two and half years of training with Malaysian CARE plus internships with a few companies, he finally graduated in 2012, ready for employment in the open market. Ngit Sang started his first employment with Sweet Chat Café at MidValley Megamall in June 2012. From mid-2015 till today, he has been working as a waiter at the Chicken Rice Shop at Sunway Pyramid. Besides serving customers food and drinks, he also helps out in other areas. Gratefully Giving and Blessing Others With his heart of gratitude for God’s unconditional love, mercy and grace upon his life, he started to give something back to support Malaysian CARE’s projects and ministries financially ever since he started working. “I donate to help underprivileged people and those with disabilities as I was a student of Malaysian CARE before.” He truly believes that the training he received in Malaysian CARE and his employment with the Chicken Rice Shop are blessings and provision from God. He also understands that these blessings from God are meant for a special purpose to bless others so that people with special needs like him can have the opportunity to live normally with independence and work skills. He encourages other existing and potential donors to continue their support and donate to Malaysian CARE so they can provide quality services to the poor and needy. Indeed, it is the desire of God’s heart that the marginalised be taken care of. n Loh Ngit Sang: From Service User to Being a Blessing to Others “I donate to help underprivileged people and those with disabilities as I was a student of Malaysian CARE before.”


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