1-2 Praising God Despite Circumstances: Lessons from Lockdown

3 Tax Deductible Receipt for Donation to Malaysian CARE

4-5 A Process of Refinement—Strategic Planning

6-7 Open Hands, Open Hearts

8 God is Beyond Our Imagination

9 Reaching Out to Prison Inmates, Virtually


12 Social Work Equals

13 Professional Self-Development The Relational Mandate the Future and Us

14-15 What Do Malaysian Christians Think of Biblical Justice?

16-17 Biblical Reflection

 Prayer Points September-November 2020 

1-2 传染病、气候变化、消费和教会: 是时候重新调整我们与创造主的关系了
3 危机时刻的使者
4-5 新冠状疫情期间基怀送来了希望
6 幕后财务规划计划
7 与狄叔叔同行

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