Lee Ming Teck Lee Ming Teck
Served as a fulltime volunteer staff (unpaid) & a Board member, today he continues as a member & volunteer counsellor.

I first came to know about Malaysian Care (MCare) in 1990 when I was living in Sydney Australia. It was during one of my annual trips back to Petaling Jaya that I was introduced to the Executive Director then, Rev. Wong Kim Kong. He made a strong impression on me as he shared with me the caring ministries that MCare was already involved in. He gave me a copy of Betty Young’s book on Care and after reading it, God opened my eyes and heart to what He wanted me to do and to serve Him in this area of ministry for my life. It was like at last I found the true meaning and purpose of my life here on earth. I had earlier made a decision to leave my active and successful corporate and business life behind after years of disillusionment and searching for meaning in my life as a professional and businessman in my mid 30’s.
MCare was both the catalyst and fulfilment of discovering my purpose and ministry in life and my coming into contact with it provided the springboard and platform to launch into obeying God’s calling to me to serve Him by loving and caring for his precious people who are marginalized and disadvantaged, “to defend the wronged, feed the hungry, set the prisoners free and give sight to the blind”. Till today I am still involved in this area of ministry.

It helped facilitate the process of freedom to change lifestyle and value and belief system in me from corporate and worldly mindset to one of Jesus’s compassionate attitude with a sense of purpose of my life here on earth.

I want to express much gratitude to MCare for opening my eyes and heart to what is really important and of value in His Kingdom here on earth.

Of course, it is never a bed of roses and all heavenly experiences being involved and working within MCare, but I am reminded that in the story of our lives, nothing is wasted. Changes and challenges penetrates every part of our lives and our history is not only the “spiritual ” parts and not just the good parts but it encompasses the so-called “bad ” parts which are transformed into Christ affirmed gems that express the power and glory of God in our lives.

Each of our story and experiences has a common plot of God’s grace and a journey of discovering the new freedom from the world’s values and beliefs which we are so shackled to especially in today’s world.

Started in 1992 as a full time staff on a volunteer basis, then 7 years on the Board, my association with MCare continues till today. It is a journey of 22 years and still counting. I remain as a member of this registered society and also act as a counsellor to the staff and clients when called upon. MCare remains very much a part of my life and will always be so.
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