Sponsor A Friend

Your partnership makes a difference!

Sponsor A Friend is a platform for you to sow into building lives. How? For as little as RM80 and above, you can help support someone on his/her life journey. Pick a cause that is close to your heart, support directly and/or invite a friend to share your burden. Start today and someone out there will be blessed!


Health Kit for
Former Prisoner

Cleanliness is next to godliness! Warm an ex-prisoner’s heart with your gift of love as he/she starts afresh.

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Recovery Program for
Drug Addict
RM150 a month

Support someone to turn a new leaf! Your gift of RM150 per month for 24 months will support a drug addict to go through a recovery program in a rehab centre.

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Supplement & Nutrition Pack
for People living with HIV/AIDS

Provide the essential nutrition! Your gift will not only sustain the health of someone living with HIV/AIDS but tells people living with this condition that they are loved and are not alone.

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For further information, kindly contact +603 9212 0162