upgraded facilities at Rumah ReconRe

Rumah ReconRe is located in the town of Seremban which is about an hour’s drive for the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian Care has upgraded its facilities at Rumah ReconRe to be conducive for prayer retreats, committee meetings, team-building and staff retreats, as well as a perfect getaway for leisure. The venue is fully equipped with a fellowship hall, a meeting room with a large LED TV, a dining area and ample open space for ‘Koinonia’. All rooms are fully air-conditioned with additional wash-room facilities to host up to 17 pax comfortably; and also built inclusively to be disabled friendly.

A Place To Retreat, Pray & Relax. 

Rumah Reconre will also continue to serve individual Christians as a place to retreat, pray and relax in unhurried quietness.

For booking or more information, please contact +603 92120162 or  [email protected]



House Rules

Do enjoy the facilities and may you be refreshed; however please abide by these rules so that others may also be blessed.

  1. Official check-in time is after 2.00pm

  2. Details of each member of the group must be recorded in the “Guest Book” upon arrival.

  3. No additional person(s) may use this place without prior permission from the caretaker and/or the administration staff in charge.

  4. Proper conduct, integrity and decorum are to be observed at all times.

  5. Please keep this place free from harmful substances, such as alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

  6.  Please be alert and take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety for the duration of your stay with us.

  7. Please ensure that the place is kept clean at all times.

  8. Please bring your own toiletries and towels as these are not provided for.

  9. Simple cooking is allowed.

  10. Upon departure, please:

    1. Switch off all electrical appliances except the fridge.
    2. Remove all used pillow cases, bed sheets and blankets.
    3. Ensure all windows and doors are locked.
    4. Inform our caretaker (Helen Khoo) of any breakages or damage.
    5. Return your keys to our caretaker (Helen Khoo), UNLESS informed otherwise.

  11. Malaysian Care reserves the right to take further action in the event of a failure to comply with any of the above mentioned conditions

For emergencies or enquiries, please call:
Caretaker (Helen Khoo: 019-610 0920) or Admin Staff (Malaysian CARE: 03-92120162)

As the Lord blesses you, please pass on the blessing by introducing this ministry to your church members, colleagues and friends. Thank you.

Your reservation of the usage of Rumah ReconRe will be deemed finalized upon your receipt of a confirmation letter issued by the Administration Department of Malaysian CARE.

Rumah ReconRe runs under the total management of Malaysian CARE, a non-profit Christian NGO committed to serving the poor and needy. Love gifts and donations will be very much appreciated.

Banking Details
Bank: Maybank Berhad
Account No.: 514 057 600 134