Prison & Addiction Conference 2019

Psalm 146:5-6

PAC 2019 is co-organized by Malaysian CARE and Community Friends Alor Setar, for the purpose of equipping, networking, and sharing resources and support, among volunteers and co-workers who are currently serving or show interest in the field of prison and addiction ministries.

Venue: Fuller Hotel, Alor Setar

No. 1, Kompleks Perniagaan Pintu 10,
Jalan Pintu Sepuluh, Kampung Lubok Peringgi,
05100 Alor Setar, Kedah

GPS coordinates: 6.124662, 100.364803

  27 Jun, THURSDAY 28 Jun, FRIDAY 29 Jun, SATURDAY 30 Jun, SUNDAY
07.00 am   Rise & Shine Rise & Shine Rise & Shine
08.00 am   Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
09.00 am   Worship Worship Worship & Holy Communion by Ps. Pax Tan
09.30 am   Plenary 1:
Ps Pax Tan
Workshop 2:
Mental Health Dr. Bill Kirwan
Plenary 4:
Ps Pax Tan
10.00 am        
10.15 am     Break
10.30 am   Group Discussion Break Open Sharing Session
11.00 am   Break Workshop 2:
Mental Health Dr. Bill Kirwan
11.15 am   Plenary 3:
Ps Pax Tan
11.30 am        
12.15 am   Group Discussion  
12.30 pm   Q & A Session (30 mins) Lunch
12.45 pm   Break  See you next year!
01.00 pm   Lunch Lunch  
01.30 pm    
02.00 pm Option 1: SUHAKAM Presentation Workshop 3:
Prison – Pending
02.30 pm        
02.45 pm        
03.00 pm Check-In Break  
03.15 pm Free-Time (Dinner on your own) Option 2: Alor Setar Prison Visit Workshop 3: Prison – Pending  
03.30 pm Free Time (Jalan- Jalan Cari Makan)    
04:15 pm Q & A Session (15 mins)  
04.30 pm Paper Presentation: Prison Baseline Survey  
06.00 pm   Free Time  
07.00 pm Introduction & Briefing Dinner (on your own) Special Dinner & Networking Session: Worship & Testimony  
08.00 pm Worship & 40th Anniversary Celebration! Worship  
08.30 pm Plenary 3: Ps. Pax Tan  
09.00 pm    
09.30 pm Makan & Fellowship    
10.00 pm Group Discussion Fellowship & Good Night
10.30 pm Free Good Night    


Conference Fees:

Twin Sharing RM 450 per person
Non-Stay RM 250 per person

* Inclusive 3 breakfast, 3 lunch, 4 tea break, 1 dinner

For further inquiries, please contact Malaysian CARE
Shalini or Sam Tel: 03- 92120162, ext 615 or 601; OR
Community Friends Alor Setar, Ms. Kooi Boey Tel: 04-7319189/ 019-4425377


Note: Transportation is not provided

  • Closing Date for Registration:
  • Schedule of the programme is attached.
  • Payment made is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE

(Disclaimer: Registration needed for those intended to attend day session only. Kindly indicate intention at the remark corner when registered.)

Please bank in cash/cheque/direct debit to:
Name of Account: Malaysian Christian Association For Relief
Account Number: 514 057 600 134
Scan slip and attach details in registration and email directly to


Rev Pax Tan

Rev Pax Tan

Former Senior Director
Prison, Drugs & AIDS Malaysian CARE

Pastor Pax is currently pastoring Wellspring Baptist Church in Petaling Jaya. He retired from Malaysian Care in 2014 after 30 years of service, in the Overseas Department, Communications, Prison, Drugs & AIDS work. A lecturer in bible colleges and organisations on Integral Mission, Social Justice, Justice and Poverty, Counselling, Addictions.

  • Certified Substance Abuse Counsellor and Trainer. ( USA & UK )
  • Vice-President of International Substance Abuse & Addictions Coalition ( ISAAC ), with Christian members from over 80 countries.
  • Theological Studies in Trinity Theological College, Singapore 1977-1981.
  • Social Sciences, Oxford Brookes University, UK 1990-1991.
  • Pastor of Lutheran Churches 1981-1984; 1987-2010.


Dr William Kirwan

Board of Director’s Executive Committee of Narramore Christian Foundation, Programme Director of Asia Graduate School of Theology

Bill has doctoral degrees in theology and psychology, and has served as pastor, professor, author, and clinical psychologist over a span of many years. Currently, he is a member of the Narramore Christian Foundation Board of Directors’ Executive Committee, as well as the Program Director of the modular Christian counseling doctoral program of the Asia Graduate School of Theology, located in Manila, Philippines. This program, offering a high level of both academic and clinical training, is funded in large part by NCF. Bill has developed a sense of calling to the Asian countries which are just beginning to seek effective mental health training. The present cohort is comprised of students from six countries in Asia and Africa. Six months of the year, Bill resides in Quezon City with his wife, who participates in the program as a counselor, doing individual therapy with a number of the students.

Simon Karunagaram

Deputy Secretary of SUHAKAM (Human Rights Commission of Malaysia)

Mr. Simon Karunagaram is a Deputy Secretary of Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM). He is currently attached to the Complaints and Monitoring Group of SUHAKAM. Simon joined SUHAKAM in 2001, a year after the establishment of the Commission. He has served as the Head of Education Division and Head of Complaints Division of the Commission. He is actively involved in human rights education programmes designed by the Commission for various stakeholders. Simon has been also involved in the public inquiries into allegations of human rights violation conducted by SUHAKAM. Simon holds a degree in Anthropology and Sociology from the National University of Malaysia

Testimony by Pang Kwang Shin

Kwang Shin was a drug addict for many years, going in and out of the prison, have suffered tremendous pain and even have had to beg for food in the streets. Today, by God’s grace, he is a changed man. He responded favourably in rehabilitation and now is completely free of drug addiction. The Lord has taken him to higher levels in his faith and in his journey towards recovery, leading the rehab center of more than 70 ex-convicts and drug addicts. An encounter with the Lord has transformed his life inside out. We give God the glory!