How You Can Care

Project Partner

We partner local churches and Christian organisations, equipping them with the tools in social ministries to sow the seeds of our works in different locations that more people and communities will benefit. Over the years, we have supported many churches to start-up and/or enhance their ministries in various areas:

    • Prison, Drugs & AIDS
      • Prison ministry
      • Street ministry
      • Rehabilitation programmes
      • Aftercare programmes
    • People with Special Needs
      • Early Intervention Programme
      • School Aged Programme
      • Toy library & parents resource services
      • Parents support groups
      • Employment preparation & job coach
      • Inclusive Preschool Programme
    • Rural & Urban Poor Community Development
      • Financial Literacy Programme
      • Sustainable Agriculture
      • Community-based Resource Centres
      • Community Sports

To explore partnership opportunities, please contact Alvin at 03-92120162 ext 108 or