Inclusive Preschool Programme

The 2 tenets of Inclusive Preschool Programme (IPP):

  • Equality in education regardless of a child’s abilities
  • Play-based learning syllabus

Do you know that children are not able to see any difference in their peers, unless they were made aware of it? With that insight, the IPP model seeks to encourage pre-schools to include children with special needs in a normal setting where all kids learn to be like kids; getting hands-on, leveraging on all their different senses and allowing their imagination to take flight, instead of a heavy focus on ‘listening and remembering’. By creating opportunities for communication, young children between 2-4 years old will learn social skills and have meaningful interactions with their peers.

The IPP model took off with a taska in the Klang Valley in 2011 and the encouraging results in both the special needs children and ‘normal’ children are leading us to engage with more partners to extend this model to other locations, especially in semi-urban and rural areas.

Whether you’re a teacher or you support the cause of inclusive education, we’d love to tell you more. Please contact Lim Suan See (03 – 9058 2102; for more information.